On the way to the carboot sale – Long Lane between St Erth and Rosudgeon today was bursting with spring wild flowers : Cow parsley, bluebells, pink campion, star of Bethlehem, garlic flowers, buttercups, and the occasional bright yellow explosion of gorse flowers. It’s baby rabbit time, so you have to watch the grass verges carefully. A successful carboot – bought a heavily embroidered linen bedspread, and a lobster for supper! A woman from Cadgwith sells whole crabs and lobsters, scallops and crabmeat in tubs, and mussels. I am cooking the lobster with garlic and parsley butter in the Rayburn as I haven’t a grill at Hawke’s Point. Serving it with a new potato salad and a green salad (our neighbour Harry’s lettuce). Rob says lobster is wasted on him, but I couldn’t resist. I used to have a boyfriend who was a diver. He would turn up with a live lobster in his haversack. I remember leaving one in the empty sink while we had a drink, and Nathan – a little boy, then, felt sorry for it and filled the sink with water. The lobster woke up and thrashed around so violently we had great difficulty getting the plug out. The kitchen floor was soaked. So were we. It was delicious!

On the way to the carboot sale –


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