The Queen came to St Ives today by the little train that goes behind our house on the edge. A sunny morning, bunting flying, and I waited on the deck with my flags ready to wave. I had been told that she was coming at 10.30, so when the train trundled by, I waved and jumped up and down, patriotically. Then I had to go out to visit someone, and saw by the railway crossing, a little gathering of people waiting to see the  Queen. I had got the time wrong and couldn’t wait. I hope she appreciated the bunting. She would have missed the wonderful display of daisies on the roadside on her way out of town, as the council had sent out the grass cutters the day before, and destroyed them all. I bet she loves daisies. I do. The smell of daisies is like nothing else – bitter, but clean. This afternoon the rain came in, of course, and the bunting is sodden and has practically blown away.

The Queen came to St Ives today by

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