Garden finds

Dropped on the deck by a gull – A clump of tiny crabs stuck together – a vomited pellet, like a precious jewel.

Found in a hydrangea bush –  a paper genius – a wasp nest, the size of a rugby football, like a mass of giant whelk’s eggs. One dead wasp in a cell.

After the lightning strike, a granite gate post was blasted to its foundation, and in the hole was a ball of solid clay or  earthenware, the size of a cricket ball, with a hole through the centre and a pattern like a cricket ball seam round its circumference. It could be a fishing net weight, or a practice cannon ball? Take it to Truro museum and find out. (we dug up another in a different part of the garden. Similar shape and design.

Last year, a fallen nest made of twigs laced with cobwebs, moss and orange twine lined with pale soft hair and pebble-dashed with gold lichen. This year, another small round nest, built by a bird whose decorating taste also runs to cocker spaniel hair, damp sphagnum moss and faux gold leaf and who had the patience to build a perfect home even though there was no time to settle down and rear young. Both chaffinch nests sit on a shelf with feathers from parrots, pheasants, gulls.


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